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Rottweiler dog

 Rottweiler dogs are considered among the fiercest types of dogs in the world, and they are also the best companion, as they are characterized by their social attachment to families and people, in addition to the fact that breeding a Wyler dog is easy and simple, as it has wonderful intelligence as well as very terrible.

Rottweiler dog

The size of the Rottweiler dog is significantly larger than all other breeds, as it has a large and very full head with straight ears with short and dense fur. The weight of males ranges from 38.5-61.3 kilograms, while the females are slightly less and amount to only 36-45 kilograms.

Rottweiler dog food

The Rottweiler dog feeds on meat and often human food, in addition to that the food for the Rottweiler dog is the best that is recommended by veterinarians, as it consists of (rice - dried poultry protein - animal fats - vegetable protein isolate - animal protein - corn - beet pulp - Soybean oil - vegetable fiber - fish oil - psyllium).

Advantages and disadvantages of Rottweiler dogs

This strain is characterized as: 

  • Able to adapt and adapt to different environments.

  • Little friendly to cats.

  • Very excellent human friend, especially children.

  • It helps her owner to exercise, as she needs training and exercises daily.

  • Very smart and quick to act.

  • He has a great ability to monitor and guard.

  • Easy to train and very obedient.

But it is bad in several respects, such as the disadvantages:

  • Very fierce and hostile towards other species and humans in the event of an attack on its owner.

  • Strong in structure, as his body needs daily training to keep him in a healthy state.

  • A lot of barking in most cases.

  •  A little sensitive to some elements

Types of Rottweiler dogs

The types of Rottweiler dogs differ according to color and body. Most of them have a black color with light brown in most areas of the body. The types can be distinguished according to the following. And the front legs, and the third Russian type differs from them with dark fur, black in color, and tends to be completely brown, and does not include any signs of the previous two types.

Growth stages of Rottweiler dogs

Rott dog pictures are slow growing, unlike other species, where puppies begin to grow from the age of 3 weeks to 12 weeks, which must be taken care of the puppy during this period in a very large way, as it is very important as it must be taken out, trained and cared for and not exposed to negative sites that cause him fear It is not preferable to be forced to do things.

Rottweiler dog training

Training a Rottweiler dog is not an easy matter, and despite its intelligence, it needs continuous attention and daily training, as it must be taken care of from birth, starting with the puppy stage, where training must take place daily.

1_ Training daily to run or walk outside, in addition to that it can be taken to walk outside the house and run.

2_ You can bring him some games that help stimulate his mind and avoid boredom.

3_ Caring for health mainly to give birth to disease, and training must be taken into account, as well as foods, and avoiding weight gain that negatively affects his health.

4_ Whatever happens, do not encourage him to be aggressive, as he must be trained to be kind to visitors, in addition to that he must be trained in protection.

5_ You must beware of his aphasia so that he is not aggressive.

6_ You must train him to obey even in food so that he will be your friend and listen to you.