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Green tea drink

Green is one of our healthiest drinks.  However, if we drink too much of it, it can negatively affect the kidneys.  However, it is rare for us to be severely affected by the consumption of green tea.  It can also harm our livers.  However, it should be noted that the drink's health benefits far outweigh its drawbacks, as long as you don't drink large amounts of it.

Green tea

 Scientists say you can safely drink up to ten cups of green tea a day.  Problems arise when taking supplements.  It may contain up to fifty times the amount of polyphenols found in a cup of tea.

 Experiments in rats, mice, and dogs have shown that hepatotoxicity can occur when animals are given excessive amounts of polyphenols.

Green tea damage

  •  Another problem with drinking green tea is that it contains caffeine, believe it or not.  If you have issues with caffeine, avoid green tea, as it can lead to insomnia, upset stomach, and even nausea and irritability.

  •  If you have to take blood thinners such as coumarin or warfarin, it may be best not to drink it because it contains vitamin K.  Ask your doctor if you can drink the drink and also find out how much is safe to drink.

  •  You shouldn't drink green tea and take aspirin either.

  •  During pregnancy, it is unwise to take nutritional supplements as they are not strictly regulated.  The tea itself is fine, it is the extracts and supplements that can cause problems.

  •  The catechins in hot green tea can ward off colds and flu, especially if you take it with lemon and honey instead of using sugar as a sweetener.  However, the caffeine in the drink can suppress the body's ability to absorb iron.  Drinking tea with fresh lemon juice can mitigate the effect of tea.  To combat this potential iron deficiency, eat plenty of vitamin C-rich foods like oranges, broccoli, and liver

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