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 Breeding ornamental fish for beginners, the most important 30 pieces of information and advice

Breeding ornamental fish for beginners, the most important 30 pieces of information and advice

Breeding ornamental fish for beginners

There is a large group of people who are fond of owning fish, including beginners, and some of them have gained a lot of experience in that, and perhaps raising ornamental fish for beginners is one of the most frequently asked questions about it. the operation,

Perhaps one of the things that gives the place the most joy and perfection is decorating it with beautiful natural ornamental fish, but some people often have some doubts and worries about breeding ornamental fish for beginners. As you can follow these steps, and thus, succeed in the matter, without hesitation or hesitation, it is worth noting two main rules that should be taken into consideration, before anything else:

  • As for the first: it is represented in the need to stay away from contact with ornamental fish; To fade damage to it, and use the network when moving it.

  • And the other: the alkalinity of the water must be changed, for a longer life.

Ornamental fish tanks

The following must be taken into account, in the event of purchasing fish tanks, in order to raise ornamental fish for beginners in a successful and flawless manner:

Basin quality:

There are two main types of fish ponds:

Breeding ornamental fish for beginners, the most important 30 pieces of information and advice

  • Glass basins: It is characterized by its heavy weight, ease of cleaning, and its appropriate cost.

  • Acrylic basins: It is made of reinforced plastic, but it is not as popular as basins made of glass. Because it is subject to scratching and damage, and it is very expensive, when compared to the first type.

How to raise aquarium fish for beginners

In the following, we discuss everything related to the steps of raising ornamental fish in detail:

1_It is necessary to purchase a fish tank of either of the above-mentioned types, according to a capacity that matches the amount of fish to be placed in the tank, and a large fish.

2_Clean the aquarium, and completely purify it of any impurities stuck in it, using water only, before moving the fish inside.

3_Install the basin in a safe, solid place, away from direct sunlight, and out of reach of children; For the possibility of the basin with its water, fish, and food..

4_Do not expose the basin to chemical substances and pesticides, perfumes, and detergents.

5_Be careful while buying fish, choose active species, and stay away from lazy fish.

6_Not to buy predatory fish, lest they destroy each other.

7_Take care to buy scavenger fish; In order to ensure that the water is constantly clean, and to eliminate water algae as soon as possible.

8_Avoid placing minerals in aquariums. Lest it interact with the water and harm the fish.

9_Supplying water with a grain of crushed, non-colored, relatively large; lest the fish be able to swallow it.

10_Support the basin from below with a piece of cork; to fade slipping, or breakage.

11_Provide the sink with completely purified, chlorine-free water.

12_The need to change the water periodically, not more than once during the month.

13_In the beginning, care must be taken to change a quarter of the water daily for two weeks, and then it is changed weekly, provided that the water is parked for a day; To ensure the sedimentation of impurities and reduce chlorine levels in water, chlorine removers can also be used.

14_It is preferable to buy plants to reduce the percentage of ammonia in the water, and caves for the fish to hide in.

15_A beginner in fish farming usually puts the new fish directly into the aquarium, and this exposes them to death as a result of the sudden temperature difference, so the fish must be placed in the bag inside the aquarium for 15 minutes until the temperatures adjust, and then empty it, but make sure that the water inside the bag is clean .

16_Turn off the light at night to give the fish a chance to sleep.

17_Before putting your hand in the sink, you must first wash it with water only, not soap.

18_Isolating the sick fish from the rest of the fish immediately upon suspicion of one of them.

19_Start with baby fish first if you are a beginner in raising ornamental fish, as they are easy to spawn and raise.

20_When purchasing a thermostat heater, check the temperature with an outdoor thermometer.

21_View the aquarium to the sun indirectly

Breeding ornamental fish for beginners, the most important 30 pieces of information and advice

Thus, we have learned how to raise ornamental fish for beginners with ease, from A to Z. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned previously, and enjoy the most beautiful scenic landscapes, for countless types, of the most beautiful and most beautiful types of colored fish, of different shapes. And the composition, which catches the eye with its exquisite workmanship.