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Which species does the Siamese cat belong to?

 Which species does the Siamese cat belong to?

Siamese cats or (scientific name: Felis Catus) are among the most famous and oldest breeds of domestic cats in the world. The Siamese cat belongs to the feline family (Felidae), which includes lions, leopards, tigers, wild and domestic cats, and other animals.

Which species does the Siamese cat belong


Siamese cats are famous for their distinctive beautiful appearance, as most Siamese cats have blue eyes, and unique fur colors such as brown, cream, orange, blue, silver, purple, etc. and in this article we will learn about the shape and personality of the Siamese cat, how long does the Siamese cat live? And what does the Siamese cat eat? and many more.

The ages of Siamese cats range from 11-20 years, at an average of about 15 years, and the normal sleep rate for adult Siamese cats ranges from about 12-16 hours per day, while the newborn Siamese cat sleeps about 22 hours per day, and the Siamese cat may sleep for longer periods than the average For reasons related to the age of the cat or others related to health, anxiety and depression, Siamese cats are considered fast cat breeds that possess high athletic abilities. The origin of Siamese cats goes back to Thailand (Siam), which is located in the southeastern part of Asia

What are the formal characteristics of the Siamese cat?

Siamese cats are long, elegant cats with an attractive appearance

Which species does the Siamese cat belong


Siamese cats are one of the favorite breeds of many around the world, as they have a distinct and unique set of colors, which are referred to as points (points) that appear on the face and limbs, and the pattern of the Siamese cat’s coat is attractive and eye-catching, as the dark color of the fur (points) on The face and limbs (ears, feet, and tail) differ from the color of the body. This dark color gradually merges with the light body color.

The most recognized colors are: chocolate brown, blue, purple, red, cream, and light yellowish brown (Fawn). Cinnamon brown.


Siamese cats have a slender, long body, a long neck, a long thin tail, long thin legs, a long pointed head (triangle) topped with large pointed ears, almond eyes in an attractive light blue color, and a coat (the fur that covers the cat) that is shiny, short, and soft to the touch. Siamese cats are medium-sized cats that have strong muscles,[8] where the size of the females reaches about 3.6 kg, while the size of the males ranges between 3.6 - 5.5 kg, as the size of the males is slightly larger than the size of the females.

What does the Siamese cat feed on?

Siamese cats, like most cats, love to eat meat, and turkey meat is one of their favorite types of meat, in addition to other protein sources such as chicken meat, fish, etc., and Siamese cats need a balanced diet that combines wet food with dry food, and the Siamese cat must be encouraged To drink appropriate and sufficient amounts of water to keep his body hydrated

Among the things that must be taken into account when raising Siamese cats are the following:

Which species does the Siamese cat belong

  • Feed your Siamese cat according to a healthy and balanced diet that combines wet and dry food، and make sure of the quality of food provided to your cats, as it must be of high quality.

  • Give your cats fresh, clean water at all times, and make sure they get enough water.

  • Visit the vet regularly so that your cats can get the vaccinations they need, in order to prevent common common diseases that may affect cats in general.

  • Learn about the most important health and genetic problems of the Siamese cat breed, such as obesity, dental or respiratory problems, bladder stones, certain types of cancer, etc., and ways to prevent them.

  • Make sure to provide safe games, puzzle games, etc. Siamese cats have high energy and this must be taken into account, and to prevent cats from feeling bored and anxious.

  • Give your cats plenty of contact, attention, love and interaction, and spend enough time playing with and training them.

  • Let your Siamese cat sit on the couch with you while you watch TV and read books.

The Siamese cat needs a healthy, balanced diet, drinking appropriate amounts of water, visiting the vet, and lots of attention, interaction, and communication.